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    Papas and Pollo has been locally owned and operated in Sebastopol, CA for nearly 25 years. Under new ownership since 2011, the Papas team brings you some of the old-time favorites, while also adding new menu offerings as we get inspired. Our team includes Analy High School graduates, and local community members who are excited to bring you fresh, local food, made with love.


    Whenever seasonally possible we bring you fresh and local ingredients that are organic, and GMO-free. We use farm-fresh organic eggs from our own farm, and we partner with local farmers, producers, and ranchers like Revive Kombucha, Sunshine Roasters Coffee, Guayakí, Lagunitas Brewery, Sonoma County Meat Company, and Petaluma Creamery to bring you the best our County has to offer.


     Sebastopol, CA is a diverse community with a shared vision around environmental sustainability, and has been at the heart of both the GO LOCAL and Farm-to-Table movements. We value and eat healthy food grown by our neighbors… healthy for both the people eating it, and for the farmers growing it! Papas and Pollo brings you Sebastopol-style Mexican food… and we’re sure you’re going to LOVE it!


    Gourmet Burritos, Stuffed Yams, Kids Menu, Garden Patio, Mesquite-BBQ, Fresh Fish Tacos and More!Our ever-evolving menu includes old-time favorites like the Tofu Temptation, and the Prawntastic Voyage Burritos, plus new additions like the Farmstead Breakfast Burrito, Thursday Burger nights, Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Sandwiches, a Toddler Bowl and an expanded Kids menu. So bring your kids, call your friends, and come enjoy an incredible meal in a laid-back Baja-style atmosphere, right in the heart of Sebastopol

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